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Boo for you" bamboo garden started in September of 2003. The impetus for the garden was the death of my wife Peggy after her and I shared a 30-year honeymoon and the begetting of five children. Peggy succumbed to metastatic breast cancer of her liver after a valiant 24-month battle where she again proved after so many years that she was still the better "half" of our team. Her death came on June 1, 2003. I was in great personal distress looking for direction in my life now that my rudder was gone.

The idea of a memorial garden was borne out of my many missionary travels over the years and my interest in the bamboo plant. The bamboo plant fit my criterion of a beautiful, enduring, low maintenance plant that makes many people happy, as did my Peggy. Peggy was beautiful both inside and out, her love stood the test of time, endured untold hardships, and yet never wavered, she was very low maintenance and always brought more to the home then she ever took out. I thought it a fitting tribute that any plant or product I chose to display should have these characteristics as well.

The garden is entertaining scores of happy customers and is a complete success. I have used it for my own therapy since Peggy's early promotion home and it seems to be working thus far. We have grown to over 200 species of bamboo and so many other tropical plants that we cannot list them here. We invite you to enjoy the pictures or a visit in the near future to the garden here in Pensacola, Florida.


boo for you bamboo